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About Us

The burning desire to go beyond BI

Our company was founded with the dream of creating a work environment focused on delivering sophisticated Data Apps and Analytics Services centered in the Looker platform.

Our Story

Beautify Insights is a technology start-up focused on creating a business-first approach to technology solutions which offers tools to empower analysts to communicate complex and valuable insights. We specialize in Looker Platform, a sophisticated analytics platform to enable data-driven decisions.

We have established an environment centered around Looker Platform, allowing us to reduce attention spread and focus on the technology and their real world application for business.

Our team is comprised of experienced professionals from different parts of the world with many dozens of successful Looker implementations under their belts. We are committed to helping our clients make the most of their data through Looker.

Our Mission

At our technology startup, our mission is to become the main provider of data apps within Looker, meaning that we strive to create products that integrate seamlessly with the looker platform. We are committed to delivering user experiences that surpass business intelligence by utilizing the Looker semantic layer for analytics in a precise manner. We also provide users with the necessary tools and resources to maximize the value of their data, thereby making Looker the preferred platform for data-driven decisions.

Core Values

Beautify Insights was founded on a mix of inspirational and unsettling feelings which helped carve a very special group of values upon which we came to be with the purpose of bringing a relevant contribution to the way Analytics is adopted by companies using Looker


Humans beings are prone to exceed and achieve greatness wherever and whenever true passion is found. At Beautify Insights, we have found our passion in Data Analytics and Looker


Our belief is that there will always be a multitude of contributing factors for every significant accomplishment, especially individuals to whom we should express gratitude. Being grateful every step of the way is, in fact, the very reason we create special things and do things in a special way


Creating value is rewarding in itself for everyone involved. At Beautify Insights, we are driven by the joy that helping clients achieve their goals brings. We believe that joy is a sign of accomplishment, and that is something special for us

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